The CN Tower Toronto


The CN Tower occupies a high position amongst the notable tourist attractions in the city of Toronto. Being a wonder of the contemporary world, the tower showcases the architectural glory of the city apart from offering some outstanding views of the urban center as well. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the top things to do at the CN Towers in Toronto.

1. SkyPod

The SkyPod will allow you to enjoy the spectacular views of the city’s skyline from an innovative perspective. You will be able to catch a glimpse of the Lakeshore, Harbourfront, the Islands, the adjoining areas as well as the downtown core. It will be possible to reach here from the central observation levels and after that, you will be transferred to a height of 33 stories by means of a special elevator. Eventually, you will be standing at an astounding height of 1465 feet from where you can watch the whole of the city.

2. Glass Floor

From here you will have the unique opportunity of watching the city while strolling, sitting, or even standing. You need not be concerned of your safety right here despite bring stranded at an incredible height on a floor which has been manufactured from solid glass that is 2.5 inches in thickness. In fact, the floor has the ability to support as many as 14 adult hippos.

3. High-speed elevators

These elevators will transport you to the top of the world within only 58 seconds. There are 6 glass-fronted elevators which will be racing upwards at an incredible speed of 22 km per hour! On top of this, there are 3 elevators that will provide a fantastic new perspective while you are viewing outside.

4. Night illumination

An innovative lighting system is offered by the CN Tower at present which has been designed to make the tower look more attractive from top to bottom particularly after sunset. Try to visit the CN Tower at night in the month of December when you will have the chance of enjoying a vibrant color combo of red and green. The tower will be displaying a color combination of blue and white on December 21 while commemorating the first day of the winter season. Again, on New Year’s Eve you can witness a remarkable light show plus a countdown as well.

5. CN Tower KidZone

While vising the tower with kids, it will be a smart idea to devote some time at the base where there is the KidZone offering various types of games for the children aged between 3 to 8 years. The little ones will get the opportunity to ride some great toys plus climb along the play structure too. Sliding down the slide will be another notable attraction for the kids out there.

6. Edgewalk

In case you don’t feel intimidated at the idea of hanging from the edge of a tall structure with the help of nothing but a rope, then you must not overlook this exciting activity. Lasting for around half an hour this walk will enable you to lean back over the tower’s edge while being harnessed to a trolley system. Moreover, it’s hands-free as well!

7. The observation decks

It might be the fact that you are craving for something more interesting than the Edgewalk, and in that case the observation decks are there for you. Here, you will come across a couple of observation areas – the SkyPod and the LookOut Level. While the LookOut Level is located at a breathtaking height of 1,136 feet, the SkyPod is situated at a height of 1,465 feet that will allow you to get a panoramic view of the entire city.

8. 360 Restaurant

The CN Tower offers 360 which has the reputation of being one of the best eateries in town. It offers scrumptious gastronomy that one can savor while getting a revolving view of the city from a height of 1,151 feet. This restaurant has the reputation of serving market-fresh cuisine that will satisfy the taste buds of any food lover out there.

9. Himalamazon

This happens to be a mind-blowing ride which will take you to a time when our planet is facing environmental catastrophe because of over-harvesting the woodlands over the years. The scientists have developed a “Super-Tree” that has the ability to produce much-needed oxygen and wood. As a matter of fact, all these trees are grown in an area known as Himalamazon – a blend of the Amazon and the Himalayas.

In case you are planning to visit Toronto during your subsequent holidays, do not forget to put the enchanting CN Tower on your list of tourist spots in the city. The tower will provide you with a time of your life that you will find hard to forget.

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